terça-feira, fevereiro 21, 2012

Harder each day

Colors faded without you here
I can't hide the feelings which flow through tears that desperately call your name
My heart bleeds everytime I want you to hold me and you're miles away
When I make up inside me the taste of your kiss
It throws me into memories which won't be forgotten
It makes me feel like half of me is away
And I can't bring it back to me
I can't bring you back to me
It was not supposed to be like this
I miss you
I know you miss me
And there are miles, too many miles between us
I ask myself why, however, no answer
Never had it
I just love you
Too much to be that far
Too much to handle this nicely
I thought I could be stronger
But my tears are too heavy for my eyes
And they fall
Every moment I think of you, so distant, intrinsic in me
And nothing can hold my thoughts surrounding you
I don't want to say goodbye again
But I know it's necessary by now
A sad truth that I wish I could change ...
Still, I will wait as long as it demands from me
Only to be with you once for all

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