sábado, maio 25, 2013


She might take us down
She'll never die
The one who sings
Songs of life and death
The fall, the pain
We can hear the cries from the top
The mountains sing their own songs
They sing sadly
The melody no one wants to hear
She caused
The suffering we see
Men's faces are red and covered
With the blood of their beloveds
She killed all of them
She burned their souls
She made just the way she wanted
The way it's always been
Nothing's changed
But at the same time
We may hear screams
Of happiness and enjoyment
It's heard laughs from the top
Still the mountains are sad
The smiles are given away
In an inocent face of a child
Who just received a gift
And She didn't stop it
Because She lets life go as well
Both sides of the sword
Her good and her bad
It's always shown
For all of us
And we must face Her
No matter what
Because eventhough we cry
We laugh too
We love being here

Um comentário:

  1. Percorri o texto como percorremos a vida: com uma esperança de um final bom, redentor.
    "Onda após onda, o barco ainda flutua
    Ao sabor do acaso
    Apesar dos pesares
    Ao sabor do acaso... flutua ..."