quinta-feira, maio 26, 2011

Realidade Virtual

Gama, DF          05 de Maio de 2011

There are a lot of strange dreams surrounding me by now
They are psychedelic, ashes from a distant and unknown world
The blood boils fastly and harms the inside
Suns, moons, skies and a handful of lost connections between the real and the fictional
Full of meanings, it's true. But where is the sense ?!
You can fear the unknown and show it
Nevertheless give up!
Go to the end and figure it out
And when you're done, go further, even further ...

Uma poesia estranha e sem muito nexo que eu fiz e não tinha postado ...
Sabe, preciso de férias! Estou ficando meio maluca e totalmente nonsense!

Realidade Virtual - Engenheiros do Hawaii

" Olhos atentos a qualquer momento:
é preciso acreditar "

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