sábado, abril 09, 2011

Can't keep

Alone, I've been going
From side to side
Living, leaving, being left
Guilt or not, doesn't matter
I can't, I can, I should or not
I don't know what to say
Am I supposed to say something ?
I will never know
Giving my best, myself
Leaving what I shouldn't
But this is the kind of situation on that I always satisfy myself
My ego is speaking so loud, it's screaming from the inside
Inside is confused, lost, found, crazy, hell
This way I go insane
Something will remain there, I don't know for how long
But it will
And that's me, begging myself to leave what left from me
A distant me, an unknown me
Answers that go away ...
Light kisses my face, light blows at me
And it hits me, hurts me, kills me slowly
Inevitably I'll miss, but I couldn't keep on

"Tentei ser teu futuro
Tentei ser teu amigo
... O que há de mais seguro
Também corre perigo"

Nem sempre há qualquer resposta aceitável, viável, agradável
Nem sempre, quase nunca, há algo que nos faça bem
E quando achamos esse algo queremo tê-lo pra sempre
Mas nem sempre as circunstâncias concordam conosco
Então, temos de ceder à vida ...

"Ando só, pois só eu sei
Pra onde ir, por onde andei
Ando só, nem sei porque"

Ando Só - Engenheiros do Hawaii

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